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Happy birthday wishes in poems

Happy birthday
Happy birthday, dear,
Let be a bright day!
I wish you in real,
Life, like a magical tale!

Hidden dreams of you,
Today are performed,
Let it always coming true!
Everything you want.

Anyway, Happy birthday to you!
This is only the beginning.
Today is everything for who
Is a champion and always winning.

Many happy returns of the day
And everything your heart desires.
Let all bad moments go away
And passion love like burning fires.

Happy birthday,
Make a desire,
Forever to stay,
Keep heart on fire.

I wish happiness for you,
Smiles, sun and warmth.
All congratulations coming true
Believe in lucky turn!

Let joy come in house
Comfort, prosperity and peace.
Friends, relatives are around,
Came at wonderful feast!

I wish you strong health
And easy life roads.
And may always, blessing,
Start a happy load!

Happy birthday! Every year
I tell you these words, dear.
But believe me, I am sincere,
And I standing now here
To repeat this stuff again.
Wish you luck. And let the rain
And the snow don’t hurt you ever.
Stay my best friend you forever.

Your birthday will be happy and funny.
We want to say these words: “Honey,
Never give up and shine like a star.
Stay smart but jolly, as you are”.

So, let us say again: “Chin-chin!”
And your best day will begin
With smiles, dances, and much fun —
Let’s start this coolest birthday run!

Happy Birthday, lovely friend!
Let your life be sweet.
Never give up in the end,
There is certain meet.

With support and joy, and love,
Try to trust in life.
God will be with you above,
Be yourself, it’s nice.

For heaven thanks, they gave us you,
So sweet and kind-hearted.
Let be your life like tear pure,
Without problems battled.

I wish you joy and sunny day,
And dreams without barrier.
Let be your birthday always great,
And feel yourself just merry.

For God we thank, for such a friend,
Who helps without gain.
Be happy, darling, don’t be sad,
And never live in vain.

Luck is waiting for you,
Just look ahead,
And hope glimmers,
Always in your chest.

Let people be kind
Fate is favorable,
Love by your side,
And life is comfortable.

One more year pasts today
Since you were born, my dear.
Happy birthday I want to say
And just remember, I am always near.

Don’t look at age, stay always young.
It’s just one more number in your life!
And if today you want to drunk,
Tomorrow morning be alive.

Happy birthday and tender wishes
I have to write to you today.
Let your life to be delicious
And all your problems go away.

I hope my wishes all come true.
I really want you be so happy!
And all you want you can to do.
You are the soul of any party!

What a party comes to us?
Lovely birthday comes.
Let’s forget about past,
There is future trust.

Be with family and friends —
It’s important thing.
Cake and gifts are real band,
Now you are king.

Take the congrats, our cute, —
Sweety Birthday came.
There are presents, tasty food,
You’ve got perfect fame.

Happy birthday, — say to you,
Let your deeds be right.
Always smile and cry few,
Let your life be bright!

I wish you today,
Eternal summer season.
And life is like a holiday,
Beautiful, without a reason.

Somebody said you have a Birthday?
Of course I know! I don’t forget!
The lucky World got you today!
Thanks to your mama and your dad.

Any barriers destroy
To get your goals and be on top.
I want this day brings you a joy,
You are a fighter, never stop!

We have come here, all your friends
To wish you the joy that never ends.
Live and love, cry when you are happy,
Don’t have the life which’s crappy.

We don’t give you, buddy, gold.
Our friendship can’t be sold.
But it’s better than the money
And we share with you it, honey.

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