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Birthday congratulations poems

Wish you love and health,
Bouquet of happiness,
Let your dreams come true,
Happy birthday to you!

This lovely day has come again.
Be so attentive, friend — and when
Your birthday cake appears,
Share it with all. So — cheers!

I wish you, dear friend of mine:
Let’s make this birthday so divine.
Let’s meet together every guest:
Each makes a toast even he protests.

Happy Birthday to You,
You are really wonderful,
Let desirable goals come true,
Taking life emotions colorful.

Let the adversity pass your life by,
Let dreams realised almost always,
And family waiting you every night,
Remember — doubt in yourself no ways!

Hurray! This day has come.
And nobody will be glum:
We’ll mark your birthday, buddy.
Just don’t be a fuddy-duddy.

As we will have much joy,
And dance. So, friend enjoy
This party. And we wish you:
Be happy, and be healthy, too!

Once a year we all gather
To hug you, our friend. Together
We are a team. Be lucky, buddy!
You know here everybody.

We wish you: get much money
And to be successful. Honey,
Birthdays give us a cool chance
To rest, have fun and simply dance!

Today is your wonderful birthday,
Perfect dreams start to live,
Ask what you want from fate,
All be fulfilled — just believe!

I wish you a beautiful sea tan,
And good true friends around,
And realise your perfect loving plan,
House, full of love will be found.

Wish you laughing, many friends,
Lots of joy and happiness.
May your dreams will come true soon,
Let your heart full merry tune.

May you all the days be funny,
Let your future be so lovely.
You are a wonderful, kind person,
Wish you luck and happy birthday!

The calendar says today
I have to wish you HAPPY BIRTHDAY!
Have a party with your friends tonight
And let your life be always bright.

Have a harmony in all you do
And a happy family around you.
Meet every sunrise with a smile,
Enjoy happy moments all the time.

You are the one, I know for years.
So, Happy birthday, buddy. Cheers!
We have prepared gifts, don’t worry.
Unwrap them and be in a hurry:

We now are waiting to start fun
That you will like, as everyone
Is going to surprise you, dear.
Let’s start big holiday right here!

Today you are not becoming older,
Plus one more year to your wisdom.
I wish for you always wonder
Of every day and enjoy your freedom.

The whole world is at your feet,
You move right on your way.
I wish you have everything you need
And have fun on your Birthday!

Meet your birthday — it’s so bright.
We’ll mark it until late at night.
We’ve gathered so you can enjoy
Our company with fun and joy.

We wish you: let your dreams come true,
And only good people mix with you.
So, let you also have much money:
It is important for all, honey!

Lucky you! You’ve born again.
And I wish you, dear, when
You remember this day you’ll smile
And you take your phone to dial
Just my number... just to chat...
I wish you: never be sad,
Love this life. It is so nice.
Let me kiss you, dear, twice!
Happy birthday. I believe —
No one will want to leave
This nice party — we enjoy
Everything. We’ll have much joy!

Express yourself and be the best,
Wish you to have a lot of friends.
And wish you only happy tears,
Good luck, my friend.
Congrats and cheers!

Enjoyment of moments,
Live cool, little crazy.
And may your great life
Be bright and amazing.

Pleasant surprises,
May this day bring fast
What your heart desires.
Let it be at last!

Desire to make a best wish haste,
Today, the angels will realise,
All your dreams ask for today
Be sure — these all true tonight!

To travel, to live, to enjoy,
Let you in all luck,
Never doubt yourself,
You deserve it enough.

Wish you inspiration
And very happy life,
You’re the best, perfection.
Don’t change and be loved!

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